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Gaby's Cottage

Folks Meet Beanie. Beanie has come to stay with us just
in time to celebrate Christmas. We kinda found Beanie
one day while surfing the vast www. There he was all
alone and looking for a home. Well we have plenty of
room here at our house so we just had to adopt him.

Beanie comes to us all the way from The Purp-ee Bean
Adoption Center at Billy Bear's web site. I'll give you
direction's to Billy Bear's home on the web later. That
way you too can adopt a Purp-ee Bean for your very own.
But just remember you have to treat your new little
friend real nice and make him real comfy in his new home.

bb **

Beanie is staying in the new addition we had built
just for him. You know you have to be careful with
Purp-ee Beans. They require special temperatures
and light and stuff.

This is Beanie's New Room

** ** ** BEANIE'S ROOM

** ** bed.gif (1912 bytes) ** ** **speedy

Beanie Loves Ice Cream * Black Raspberry is his favorite
It seems all of our adopted friends love ice cream. Only
problem is they all like a different flavor.


** **  ** **

The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

**** ** ** speedy **

... while visions of sugar plumbs danced in their heads...




Let's move on to our other family member's shall we...


See what Vikimouse gave us!
We must be doing a good job babysitting...

Boy do we have a lot of Mice to feed!

vm vm

Whew.. Do we have our hands full! 7 babies!

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Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Be quite my babies are sleeping!!
Tell me they're not the cutest?
I get such a kick outta these. :o)

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Oh and the bagel people...
Last but certainly not least! Or is that yeast? 

boy_bagel.gif (7566 bytes) girl_bagel.gif (8542 bytes)

These things are the coolest since sliced bread
I just couldn't resist!! :o) Well that's it for
my adopted friends for now I hope you like them!!

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bb vmacekids Thank you for the Bagel People!

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