I hadda make this page to show off my Hardworking Husband.

I'm Donna and this is Chuck.... Glad you stopped on in. :o)


As I said before Chuck's the body man! Mr. Fix-it, The Demo Derby guy, The Science and Math Teacher, Chuckles! Lucky Chucky! You can call him anything 'cept late for dinner!  If it's broke he's the guy to call. He can just about fix anything. Loyal Ford follower, he lives for that first NASCAR race in February at Daytona and counts the days.

Chuck only dreams of having a real garage type business. Although he really does work in a garage. He's a body shop guy for our local school and transit bus company and spends his days fixing broken busses. When he isn't fixing busses you can usually find him in his own garage doing what he loves best, fixing cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers and all kinds of stuff. Chuck's the type of guy who can almost look at something that doesn't work and tell you what the problem is and 9x's outta 10 he has it fixed in a jiffy.

Let me give you an example... One day I spent nearly 2 hours trying to get our VCR to work with the living room TV. I fooled with buttons, I fooled with wires, I fooled with switches. I even hooked it up in the bedroom to see if maybe it was the living room TV. It worked perfect in there. So why wouldn't it work in the living room? I was beyond frustrated! He came home sprinkled a bit of his magical mechanics dust and within 15 minutes had the problem solved. Grrrrr... and he wouldn't tell me what he did!! LOL!! But this is something I've grown accustom too in our 8 years together. Anymore I just leave it for Chuck. :o)

Having a mechanic for a husband does have it's advantages. Chuck's magical mechanics abilities don't just apply to cars and motors. He's also proficient in plumbing, heating and refrigeration and electricity. Plus he's an all around nice guy. *g* What more could a gal want huh...? (LOL!! Want a list? *g*)

When I think back on my younger years, the thoughts of actually dating a "Grease Monkey" would have simply been out of the question. Now when I think of all the money he has saved by doing the costly repairs himself and the money he has earned fixing ol broken down jalopies I'm laughing all the way to the bank.

They say one mans trash is another mans treasure. This is certainly true in our family. Bulk trash day is a banner day for my husband. Him and his brother go out hunting the piles bringing home anything with wheels to be tinkered on and quickly turned into big time cash. Last year some unsuspecting fool must have gotten tired of fixing his John Deere lawn tractor. Quick to spot a good deal the brothers brought that baby home and split a quick profit of $700.00.

Hence the hunters theme for this page. While Chuck wouldn't hurt a flea he saves all his energy for hunting up bargains.

I wonder... Does anyone have one that does windows? *g*

Chuck's the Milkman... He don't deliver it.
He drinks it, by the gallons!!
People in the grocery store look at you funny when
you buy between 6 and 10 gallons of milk at one time.
LOL!! And those rude enough to comment I just tell
them I run a day care. *giggles*  

Thanks Tea for this lil cutie!

Ok this really did happen... One day Chuck was outside working on his truck and kept getting hit with acorns from above. When he looked up he saw this cute lil squirrel up in the tree looking down at him all sweet and innocent like then he'd go back to work only to get hit once again. This happened several times finally poor Chuck was convinced the squirrel was up there having the time of his life, laughing with his lil squirrel friends and throwing nuts on him on purpose... Soooo to commemorate life's tweaks and divine intervention I give you Chuck's Garage adoption. :)

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