Wouldn't you like to be able to send flowers to your friend but you just cannot afford those expensive fresh flower deliveries right now? Or maybe you're down in the dumps and could use a lil pick me up. Well thanks to the wonders of the internet AND my wonderful friend Lisa now you can!! Isn't life grand? :o)

If you have a friend celebrating a special occasion or you just want to show you care, this lovely girl and her beautiful bunch of flowers can be sent straight to her mailbox. And look... you don't even need a stamp.     

Guidelines for Adopting your Flower Girl  

CyberPet Netiquette

You must have a kids safe site

You must display my Flower Friends adoption certificate
with a link back to my site on the same page.

Now just E-MAIL ME the usual stuff (name, url, e-mail... you know the deal) Oh and don't forget to remove the NOSPAM part from my e-mail address. :o)

That's it... and real soon your friend will be enjoying her new  Flower Girl adoption.  :o)

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