Would You Like To Earn My AWARD???
Do You Think Your Site Can Catch My Eye?

Okay here it is, my awards page. Can you catch my eye? I look for
appealing sites, that are quick loading, unless specified as too
why, no broken links, not too much Java (if there is too  much and
my computer freezes, I won't go back to look), nice layout,  and most
of all, be fun for the viewer who has come to visit your site.

OK Here Are The Rules!

1.) I am a "BIG TIME" believer in giving credit where credit is due. I expect to see links back to graphic sites. Afterall it's thanks to them we have graphics on our pages to begin with isn't it? :o) This is very important!!

2.) Your homepage absolutely must be 100% family-oriented and kid safe, NO ADULT SITES, GUNS or VIOLENCE OF ANY SORT (even in jest!) and please, only PERSONAL homepages apply.

3.) I am looking for *content*. Something interesting on your pages, not just links to other interesting pages.

4.) I ask that you be willing to link my award back to my site if you receive it.

5.) Please sign my guestbook. I will be checking out your page *from my guestbook* after you've applied! :o)

6.) E-mail your name, the name of your site and your page URL

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7.) Remember I am the judge here, if you do not receive an e-mail from me within a 14 day period, then either I didn't feel your page was acceptable or there was an error with you request.

*Thanks for your interest*

Here is A Sample of What You Might Receive


Click to see my list of Winners

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