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Pick a PlaceHello there!! Glad you stopped in. Boy do I have
a treat for you!! You're here because of my Christmas web ring
affiliations. And TODAY is your lucky day. Lucky because not only
do you get to visit my happy Holiday home but you get the option
of picking one of my other Christmas destinations. All right here
from this easy location. So sit back relax and enjoy the ride. :o)

Pick a Place

Donna's Happy Holiday Home What treasures await those who dare?? Visit with Donna and her family and explore her family friendly Holiday site. Pick a Pocket Angel, earn her Christmas award or take home her Holiday greeting card. Plus there's a bit of history, maybe some recipes and just plain old fun.

Speedy's Happy Holiday Home A doggy can not live by bones alone. Come celebrate the holiday with Speedy and get a puppies point of view on just how the  Christmas Holiday should be spent. Speedy will even teach you how to get your puppy dog to sing Christmas carols. How's that for a smart puppy dog?  

Nikki's Christmas Home Now here's a fun little spot. :o) My teenage daughter Nikki has wonderful heart-warming Christmas stories that will delight both the young and the young at heart. Find out what Christmas means to her.

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No matter where your adventure begins or ends it will
always bring you safely back to this one stop location.

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